Sitting on a plane on the way back from holiday, I was reading the British Airways October Business Life magazine and an article on business talent took my eye.

It was about one of our most successful business owners and leaders, Tej Lalvani who also appears on Dragons Den, he was being interviewed about his approach to business.

The final question was “What would be your best advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs?”

I was impressed by the answer (well I would be wouldn’t I?) when Tej said:

“Firstly, find a mentor. Mentors can help you to learn how to negotiate, how to lead, how to focus and how to grow.

Sometimes business entrepreneurs can get so caught up in different areas of a business that they miss the area that really needs them to push a button and make a big difference.

Mentors can also help you deal with problems and challenges – chances are they’ve had them or been through them”

Thank you Tej for this great advice and to British Airways for publishing the article.

In my experience Tej is spot on, all of us running businesses charities etc. need help and support at some time, and an “outside” point of view can be a game changer.

Why not take the plunge and consider how a business mentor may be able to add real value, enable you to take control and improve results?

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What have you got to loose?