When you search or google top tips for business success, you will find millions of results, some simple, some complicated with processes and diagrams, just reading a one liner or a paragraph means you know the words, but will you know what they mean, how to use them and check if they work?

The trick is to find the tips that are simple to understand and put in to practice and that will have the most impact. Over the next few weeks, I will be setting out the top 10 tips that I have followed during my time in business that have had the most impact for me.

Whether you are running a business, social enterprise, charity or community group, the tips are relevant and can be used to deliver improved results.

I have listed them below for you to consider, and I will be posting at regular intervals, articles for each tip, answering the questions,

  • Why do this?
  • How do you do this?
  • What impact will this have

The Top 10 business tips are:

  • Understand what you want FROM your business
  • Understand what you want FOR your business
  • Commit to ALIGN all activities to your goals
  • Do not take on activities that do not contribute to business progress
  • Set a PLAN for where you want to go
  • Set PLANS for how you will get there
  • Know where you are starting from
  • Know the key levers in your business
  • Measure results on going (have a board meeting with your self and colleagues)
  • Seek support and advice from external experts – it will pay back!

So look out for the posts in the next few weeks that will go into detail on each tip, and explain why they contribute to the success of your business or organisation.