October 21 Newsletter and Update

Welcome to the October edition of the group newsletter that will tell you about what is happening in our world of business mentoring, networking, peer mentoring and support, all aimed at providing you with a platform to support, develop and grow your business, CIC or charity.

 We have all been through a period of great change in a business and personal sense and many are looking to the future to consider our way forward to take the opportunities and overcome the challenges that the new normal may present

All our activities are based on understanding market and client need and then building a set of support and activities that meet that need and support you to succeed and grow.


NEW – The impending launch of the Marsh Network Business Circle

After 12months of research, discussion and planning, we are slowly launching the brand-new Marsh Network Business Circle to gain further feedback.

The Circle is aimed at small business owners and leaders, owners and leaders of charities and Community Interest Companies.

It is a lonely and sometimes stressful life being an owner or leader of a small organisation, and we cannot be an expert in every facet of running a business.

The Marsh Network Business Circle will provide a platform and support mechanism for you to engage with other business owners and leaders, share knowledge, skills and experiences, give and receive support in a peer mentoring, exclusive and Chatham House rules environment.

The Marsh Network Business Circle will also provide free access to a panel of experts in their Field, e.g. social media, accountant, Solicitor, well being etc., and quarterly review with an experienced business mentor.

Additional benefits such as free networking meetings, reduced price App and QR code and electronic business cards will be available.

To find out more take a look at https://marshbusinesscircle.rocksand if you want to know more contact terry@marshbuisnesscircle.rocks



The Marsh Network Now and in the Future

The onset of Covid meant that the networking provided by the three face to face meetings of the Marsh Network had to move online. This resulted in a growth in membership, greater reach with people attending from across Kent, Sussex and beyond and an increase in reach for individual businesses who gained new customers online.

As we move towards a new normal, research with our group and by The FSB indicates that many want to go back to face to face meetings, many want to remain online only, and many are happy to do both.

Our plan is to review frequency of Marsh Network meetings and in the short term we have decided to:

  • Keep Marsh Network Online to serve Kent Sussex and our wider audience, this is now running 2 weekly.
  • In September we started up the successful Marsh Network breakfast meeting at Dymchurch, and this will run monthly with a great location and breakfast at The Ship Inn.
  • We launched our new face to face meeting in September for organisations based in south and west Kent and East Sussex. The meeting is based in Pett just across the border with Kent at a venue with ample parking and a pub next door.
  • In the future we will consider launching a face to face meeting aimed at the needs of the rural economy in West Kent and East Sussex
  • And consider a hybrid meeting either based in New Romney or Rye with access online for people from out of the area.

Please let us know about your thoughts about our networking meetings and ideas for the future.

We will continue to support our two charities, CARM who support older people living in isolation and The Oliver Curd Trust who support families who have seriously ill children, with caravan holidays.

Networking remains a keyway to grow your contacts and your business, a few thoughts:

  • Do not expect an instant return
  • Try to go to a group on a regular basis to build relationships and mutual confidence
  • Be prepared to give as well as receive
  • It may not be about the people in the “room” but about the 100+ people they know
  • 121 follow up meetings are critical to success and building your own network.

You can find out more about the network, dates and book meetings at https://marshnetwork.co.uk


Botfield Associates Mentoring and Coaching

As a result of Covid, all mentoring and support services moved on to Zoom. All current and new Clients were happy to work with Zoom.

The future looks to be based on a hybrid model, with most sessions online on Zoom with planned face to face meetings also in Client mentoring plans.

I work closely with a small number of clients, mainly small businesses or charities that want to succeed, develop and grow, usually working 121 with the owner or leader of the organisation on a plan to meet and exceed the goals and needs of the business for the future.

All plans are customized and based on a proven approach, developed over the last 9 years, since the business was set up of a balance between mentoring and coaching.

A free 1 hour 121 session is available to anyone who wants to discuss their business, charity or CIC and I aim to learn more about you and your organisation and offer thoughts and ideas to address your opportunities and challenges.

Mentoring packages for an initial 3 months including 6 online/face to face sessions, ongoing support between sessions and access to my network and contacts, start from £895, no VAT and can be paid monthly in advance.

After that a rolling 2 month commitment at a frequency to suit you and your organisation.

To learn more about the mentoring offer or to book a free 121 go to https://botfieldassociates.co.uk  where you will also find a number of useful articles.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope this newsletter has given you a feel about what may lie in the future and created some thoughts about engaging with my services to develop and grow your business, charity or CIC

Terry Botfield Dip DM

Business Mentor and Leader of The Marsh Network

07749 159263 terry@botfield.net